Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sick times

I have just been trying to make it through for a few days. I have been sick with a flu/cold and so has Jaden. We don't do much and watch a lot of tv. I just try and get by with as little as possible. Food, bathroom breaks, snacks, naps and lots of tv and lots of messes of toys that will wait to get picked up until we all feel better. I am just hoping now that Bryan and Clay don't get sick. I thought Jaden was better Monday morning and took him to preschool but he wasn't and then came down with a fever in the afternoon. Hopefully the other kids don't get sick but I am sure some will. We went to an awesome church in Edina, MN on Sunday and go to hangout with my brother, Kirk, and his family, very-pregnant Chrystine and Kira. The church is called Upper Room Community. I am not sure if we will live in Edina but if we do, we will definitely visit this church again. You can see their website at www.upperroomcommunity.org

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Laurie said...

If you move to Edina you'll be right by Eden Prairie!! And therefore, right by ME!!! (when I come visit)