Sunday, January 6, 2008

happy birthday to me

It's my birthday today and I am 29 for the first time or 29 forever, ha ha. It has been one of my best birthdays ever and maybe the best. Today started off with my husband letting me sleep in. I eventually got up and ready for the day and then headed off to pick-up my birthday cake and go and scrapbook with some friends for the afternoon. I ordered my own birthday cake because I made sure that I got what I wanted and because I had an awesome coupon to use. I love good coupons. I ordered an 8 inch round chocolate carrot cake with toffee cream cheese frosting from a local bakery, Daube's. I am not a big cake lover and usually prefer ice cream but this cake is just melt-in-your-mouth, dream-about-good. I also had friends to share it with so that made me want to get it even more. So, I went to pick up the cake and they misspelled my name, 'Raqel' so I pointed it out to them. They made sure it was their error and there was no one to correct it. So instead they gave me a $15 gift certificate which I will gladly use. Originally the cake was $32, which I consider a decent price and I had a half off coupon which made it an awesome price at $16. If I could have applied the gift certificate the cake would have only cost me $1 so essentially I got the cake free. And they felt so bad they didn't charge me for my curry split pea soup which I had for lunch. It was also delicious. I shared my cake with all my friends at my local scrapbook store and they loved it just like I do. I had a great 4 1/2 hours away from my kids and got some great scrapbooking done on Clay baby album that I am making. Then I came home to open great presents from my family. I got reusable grocery bags (which I asked for) and 2 boxes to be used for date night items that my husband did a wonderful job decorating and filling. We (all 4 of us) then went out to dinner at Panera. I love their food and they have great soup that is easy on my sore mouth. Now I get to watch a romantic comedy movie with my too great husband. This has been a great day. Look at this cake...just makes my mouth water.

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The Oswalds said...

Happy Birthday! & Happy New Year to all of you!

Shauna, Joel & Kylee