Thursday, January 3, 2008

comedy of errors

So, this is the story of how one mom (me) laughed out loud for 15 minutes watching kids fall down.

She stood looking out the window watching kids sled down a hill at the Montessori school behind her house. He two small boys had noticed the kids outside and there was something to watch. First one sled slid to the bottom of the long hill and then another and then another. Multiple kids were without sleds to share. The kids had previously been sledding down a small hill perpendicular to the long hill so that they didn't have as far to walk and couldn't lose their sleds down the long hill, about 100 yards.

The wind was really blowing and it blew the kids' sleds away from them. It blew the kids down too. The snow was so slippery that the kids could hardly walk on it. If they tried to run, they fell down. Over and over again one kid fell down after another. They kept getting up. Finally 6 little boys were chasing the 3 runaway sleds. The teacher stood at the top of the hill with the other kids, with the girls close by watching the whole event. Finally the boys got to one sled and they started heading back up the hill.

After hearing yells from the teacher the boys notice another sled beside them. They run over to get it and now the 6 boys head up the hill with 2 sleds. Oh, but look there is still another sled down there. Here comes the girl in purple to rescue the boys and point them in the right direction.

This is where the pictures started. The busy, distacted mom had to capture this funny event to share with the world. Now the 6 boys and 1 girl head up the hill with all missing sleds in tow. (Below is the view out the window from the deck.) The girl got the 3rd missing sled.
Here they are heading up the long hill.
Oh no! We dropped the sled again!
More kids falling down.
Two boys go down to rescue the sled again while carrying one sled with them.
Finally, the teacher comes to the rescue because one boy is at the bottom of the hill alone with one sled that seems too heavy to carry up.
One boy by himself at the bottom of the hill.
The teacher and the last boy carry the last lost sled up the hill together.
Careful kids! You might lose your sled down the hill again!

Ok, I have officially wasted 15 minutes posting this but it was worth it! This brought one tired and cranky mom some much needed laughs today! I know the pictures aren't great but maybe you will get a little laugh out of it too.


Kirk said...

That sounds/looks hilarious! Oh what I would give for a video of the chaos :-) Keep up the blogging.

Belinda said...

People should read this.