Friday, January 4, 2008

speaking engagement completed

I spoke this morning for about 35 minutes at my medical wives Bible study, Side By Side. It was quite a challenge for me and it sure feels good to have it over with. It was definitely a challenge that I wanted. I am really ready for a nap. I think the talk went really well. I am not sure what God has in store for me in the future regarding public speaking but I think He is up to something. I do get nervous when speaking in public but I think God has given me a gift to not be afraid of doing it, but instead allowing Him to give me words to say. God came through for me yet again. I really didn't know what I would talk about when I started preparing for this last fall but He made it so clear what He wanted me to say. It is always nice to receive lots of complements when you put a lot of work into something but the complements today really were because of what God is doing in my life, not me. I would be happy to share what I spoke about today with you but I am not going to post it on the internet because it got pretty personal. Email me if you are interested in reading the word document.

The boys are almost asleep and I should be too.

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