Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008: 29 days

Twenty-nine days later we are returning to Minnesota. It has gone so quickly but so much has happened and so much has changed. I am sitting on an airplane dwelling on what has happened in our lives over the last month.

I am ok with sitting in my own sweat all day now.

My boys love the water (used to hate it).

My boys are ok getting dirty (Jaden still is a little hesitant), killing bugs and have countless owies on their bodies from the rough terrain.

Our hearts have grown for the people of Honduras. We want them to find Jesus. We want to help them spiritually, physically and emotionally. We want to see them have ambition in life and a quest for knowledge. The Honduran people will forever be in our hearts and minds and we hope, continually in our lives.

We have been asked many times if we are considering full time mission work and if we will be returning, when and how soon. We are not planning on being full time missionaries for now. Life as a missionary is hard and we would want to know clearly if that is something God wants from us. Right now we plan to do repeated, short term trips, hopefully for 4 weeks at a time. We are very much looking forward to returning in the next year or two.

My first 3 days in Balfate were the hardest but I very much enjoyed my time there. We left before it got too hard on us. Our time there left us wanting more, and I can’t wait for God to challenge me like that again.

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