Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minnesota State Fair

Last Saturday our family and our friends, the Currells went to the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. We have never been before and it has quite the reputation so we were anxious to go finally. The fair is huge here and it is called the great Minnesota get together. Saturday was beautiful and sunny and not to hot with a cool breeze. We couldn't have asked for a better day and it sure brought out the people to the fair.

We tried lots of fried foods and lots of food on a stick. Things we consumed included: mini donuts, corn dogs, fresh lemonade, roasted corn on the cob, ice cream, cotton candy, fried cheese curds, a chocolate malt and snow-cones. Thankfully we all shared these but we all went home with our cravings satisfied. Our family all went down the giant slide and it was a blast. I had never done that before and was glad that I finally did. Clay rode one and half rides with Jaden before they had to stop the airplanes because he was screaming in fear. Jaden had lots of fun on all the rides and even wanted to go on a roller coaster but he was too short. He did get to ride on the alligator boats, 2 different airplane rides and the motorcycles. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

(I am closer to getting pictures up from Honduras. Stay tuned.)

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Laurie said...

Horray for fried cheese curds! Did you guys see the animals? I thought the barns were the coolest. Wow, pretend I didn't say that.