Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008: Our last day here.

It has been hard.

I don’t feel ready to go. I’m sure that is a good thing because that means I’d like to come back. We want to come back and plan to. We will wait and see what and when the best timing is for our return. We will be much better prepared the next time we come.

The one thing I wish I had brought the most is a cookbook but we managed ok. I will also be more prepared with a Spanish class before I return. I want to be able to communicate better.

We were reassured by many that they appreciated us coming. They said we were flexible and easy to host here. We were let know many times that we would be even more helpful on our return visit.

Quick run down of our last day at the hospital:

-busy day for Bryan with lots of patients and a short lunch break (8am to 5:30pm)


-made pastalitos with Argentina

-at the best Honduran food, pastalitos (fried sandwich pockets with carrots, potatoes and chicken) with friends

-went to bilingual school for 2 ½ hours where boys sat still again – hurray!

-boys napped, more laundry

-visited Bob and Zena Lillard at hospital – missionaries in Italy and now semi-retired here; Bob’s in a semi-vegetative state and has been hospitalized here for 7 months

-took 2 soccer balls to children’s center and said goodbye to many there

-ate leftovers

-had another yummy dessert from Cindy

-shared pictures, talked with Renee and more goodbyes

-late night packing

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