Sunday, August 10, 2008

moving update

We are in the process of getting settled in our house in Bloomington, MN. It has been a little adjustment to American life after being away for 4 weeks. I have almost accidentally put the toilet paper in the trash instead of the toilet--Central American life!

The truck unloading and unpacking went very well on Thursday. Our wonderful new neighbors, two houses away, had our kids over to play for a few hours. That was a big help.

On Friday, my parents and grandma Alma came to visit and help install our new kitchen. Today my parents left and my grandma will stay with us for the week. I am really looking forward to this time with her and her help unpacking and cleaning.

My dad, Bryan and brother, Kirk, did an excellent job working on our kitchen. We now have new cabinets and countertops that look absolutely beautiful and better than I expected. There is still some finishing touches that need to be done and they will get finished next weekend when my parents return.

We are looking forward to getting internet, phone and cable TV in the next couple of days but for now we are sporadically available online or by cell.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support while we were in Honduras. We definitely felt the prayers of our fellow Christian family.


Teresa said...

Friend, I am so glad you are back :) Angie (Alberts) and Tracy were just here to see me for the weekend--from MN :) I miss you! T

Laurie said...

Welcome home and happy settling in the new house!

Teresa said...

ummm could you update your blog again...I need more to read! :)