Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008: 10th Anniversary

The day almost went bad several times but in the end we couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary. (Bryan later said that this was his favorite day in Honduras.)

This morning 6 people were fired from the hospital in connection to some pornographic pictures that were taken on the hospital property. The pictures were then spread all over the area by cell phone. This is possible very damaging to the hospital so please be in prayer for all those involved and that God would be glorified through the work being done here.

The firings caused several changes in our plans today. The boys and I were planning to go to the La Ceiba dump to help with a feeding program for the kids that live there. That didn’t happen due to the things that were happening at the hospital.

Bryan and I were planning on going out to dinner to one of the two nearby restaurants for our anniversary but those plans got canceled. The two restaurant operators have daughters that got fired today so the hospital staff thought we shouldn’t go there tonight. They aren’t a traditional restaurant. The mom makes the food and serves it at her house and you need to have given advance notice if you want her to cook for you.

Instead of a nice dinner, we tried for a nice lunch prepared by the cook at the hospital gate. We ended up waiting 45 minutes for our fried chicken, chimol (Honduran coleslaw) and fresh corn tortillas. The food was good but it was missing the rice and beans because we didn’t give enough advance notice.

We did arrange to have Guildy, Bryan’s translator, babysit the boys for the evening. It was so nice that Bryan got done with work early today at 3pm so Guildy came early too. We just decided to pack PB&J sandwiches for dinner and to have a picnic in the sand. We went to a swimming hole and waterfall near the hydroelectric plant (where Bryan and the boys went on Sunday).

I thought things might take a turn for the worse when it started raining on us climbing over rocks and big boulders. Thankfully the rain stopped after 15 minutes.

We had a wonderful and adventurous time there. We floated/swam up to the waterfall and climbed over lots of huge boulders. At the end we rested in the sand (heated by hot springs) and ate. It was truly beautiful and so memorable to be out there by ourselves in the jungle.

After that we left when it was getting dark and drove to the beach right by the hospital. It was extremely dark but we managed to find out way. I surprised Bryan with 2 DVDs of our wedding from 10 years ago. I just recently had someone put it on DVD and edit it down for a highlight reel also. We watched the DVD on our mini player (3.5” screen) with the ocean wave crashing in front of us and the beautiful night sky above. The sky was gorgeous tonight with numerous stars out. I even saw 2 shooting stars. It was a great ending to our date and a great way to celebrate us and our relationship.

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