Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Honduras medical summary

I found this summary of some of the medical stuff that Bryan and other doctors dealt with while we were at the Loma De Luz Hospital in Balfate, Honduras. Dr. Leon Greene wrote most of this and I added and modified it.

· A drunken HIV-positive man who was shot in the leg and nearly died from blood loss.

· An 8-year old girl who was raped earlier in the day by the man with the bullet wound in his leg.

· A dying AIDS patient who turned out to be the 8-year-old-girl’s mother.

· A man who accidentally fell on his machete, piercing his chest wall, lung, and heart and later died.

· A boy who had his hand nearly destroyed by an infection.

· A man who had a fractured hip and had gone to the local government hospital where they put a cast on his ankle!

· A heart patient who came to the hospital psychotic, bound hand and foot, with 5 hefty men unable to control him.

· A boy who had the entire right side of his chest burned by boiling milk.

· A woman who fell and sprained her ankle, but who spread rumors in the community that we had not casted her “broken leg” because we had run out of casting plaster.

· Patients are still hearing about God from the entire hospital staff. Four have accepted Jesus in just the last 2 weeks.

· The rapist is in jail (unusual for the Honduran justice system).

. A lady died after hernia surgery from a blood clot to her lungs but came to know Christ during the recovery process. Her husband also became a Christian while the hospital staff was trying to get the lady's heart restarted.

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