Thursday, February 18, 2010

we arrived!

We made it to Honduras without any problems. We left our house bright and early this morning at 4am and arrived in San Pedro Sula at 3pm. Our 10 checked bags of medical supplies, 5 stowed carry-ons and 3 backpacks all made it safely with us. That is quite a miracle in itself. We did almost walk off with someone else's bag but that was quickly corrected. It is about 70 degrees and rainy. We are hoping for sun tomorrow.

It is great to finally be here! Thanks to God for our safe arrival and helping us out all along the way. Thanks for all the prayers.

We have a nice hotel to stay in tonight and then will make the 5 hour drive to Balfate tomorrow.

Best memory of the day: seeing Jaden and Clay run through the Miami airport pretending to be planes with their wing-arms spread out. Luckily they didn't take any people out.

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TB said...

YAY :) Prayed hard for you today! Safe travels tomorrow!