Monday, February 22, 2010

day 5 of 19: heat has hit

This is the weather that I remember about Honduras. It is in the low 80's and so hot and humid you just want to lay around. Kim tried to get the boys to go outside this morning and they refused. That might have been because she was doing a really good job of entertaining them. Jaden has been loving being in nature constantly. Even when we are "indoors," the windows are open and usually the door(s) are open and fans are blowing. It doesn't ever really feel like you are indoors but you are protected from the rain.

It is so humid here that you just never dry out. Everything feels sticky and sweaty all the time. We are taking lots of showers but I am about to give up because you only feel clean for about 5 minutes. Might just cut back to one shower a day.

We have done some more adventuring.
Went to La Quinta Beach near the hospital (yesterday).
Went to Christie's Beach and explored the enchanted forest there. The trees looked like the Ents from Lord of the Rings. Like they could just get up and walk away any moment. They have wide trunk-like feet and are massively tall.
Hiked from staff housing (our home) to the water towers up the hill. Quite a climb for 2 short-legged people but we made it. We even let both boys climb the water tower. That scared me a little but we all survived and no one was injured.

I got to help in the clinic/hospital today. I helped Nancy and a few others put away all of the medical supplies we brought down. I really enjoyed it and had fun trying to communicate in Spanish. I really need to take some classes. Bryan admitted his first patient to the hospital and saw some other sick people in the clinic. We had dinner with the Fields. There was great food and great conversation.

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