Saturday, February 20, 2010

day 3 of 19: feeling the sun

It was rainy and cold on Thursday when we arrived (70 deg F). Today was quite the contrast with sunny, hot and humid. We hung-out with a bunch of other gringos (white people) at the Lis Lis River and its sandy banks. We had a great potluck and one of the guys grilled. There were lots of little kids around for the boys to play with.

The downside is that we all (5 of us) got a little sunburned. We didn't burn once when we were here in 2008 and this was our first day outside and we burnt. We will definitely be more careful from now on.

There were a bunch of missionary families at the river. One truck got stuck crossing the river (normal practice here without bridges) and they almost lost the vehicle to water damage but they took apart things and cleaned and dried it and it is now running. Quite a miracle.

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