Wednesday, February 3, 2010

so, I should be in bed...

but Bryan is working late (till midnight) and I am enjoying the fact that I don't work tomorrow. I haven't blogged in almost a week and wish that I had something to say. There are probably too many things to say because I haven't taken time to write about them but here is what is on my mind now.

Bryan and I are enjoying a time of marital bliss, well, almost. We are just really enjoying each other. I am a highly critical person so this is very difficult and unusual for me. We did go to a marriage conference (Song of Solomon) last weekend which helped. And we did have a retreat (Afton House Inn) without the kids last week and I'm sure that helped too. But more than both of those things, I think we are settling into our marriage and enjoying it more than ever.

I heard on Saturday at the conference that couples settle in to really like each other between years 9 and 14. I feel like we hit that point. We are married 11 1/2 years and we are there. I finally feel like I am over trying to change Bryan and make him into what I wish. I really like him, respect him, admire him and love him. Whenever older couples would tell me that the key in marriage is to stop trying to change your spouse and truly accept them. I would think to myself that I am not trying to change him. I just want him to be better and he has to change himself. I now realize that there is a difference in wishing for a better version of someone and just liking who they already are. I like Bryan. That is not to say that he is without flaw; no one is. He is Bryan and he is mine. I love him and can't wait to feel more comfortable with him over the additional years to come.

We started implementing a new rule in our house. No more computers after we put the boys to bed. We only do things together. Talk about our day, read together or work on whatever we want...together. It has been great and we both look forward to it every night.

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