Friday, February 19, 2010

day 2 of 19: in our new home

I can't believe how at home I am feeling here and we have only been here for 5 or so hours. This is such a change in feelings from a year a half ago. Then I felt alone and unsure and dirty and disgusted. Things are cleaner and better kept in our new house in the Staff Housing building. We have a new bathroom which is beautiful compared to what we had before. There is no mold on the shower curtain and in every bathroom crevice. The shared kitchen is clean and quite gecko-free. There is not food and random stuff sitting all over. It is picked up and clean. You wouldn't think cleanliness would be such a big deal but it truly can make a person feel comfortable.

We were also invited over for dinner with 4 other families. We visited with some old friends and made some new friends. It was a great time with great food. We felt like family and very welcomed here. Last time here we were left alone the first couple days. Now we already have plans for tomorrow to head to a river and waterfall area with a bunch of other people here.

I am looking forward to new friends and sharing lots of stories.

On a side note, the 5 hour drive with 2 stops went quite well. We loaded up on groceries for the next two weeks and got some lunch and ice cream. It is hot here and very humid but not quite as unbearable as it is in July and August. I am much preferring the weather here this time of year.

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