Friday, April 3, 2009

worn out

Today wore me out. We went to the Minnesota Zoo with some friends to see the baby animals. We saw lots of babies. Baby goats, baby pigs, baby bunnies, baby chicks and one baby cow. We did a lot of walking and the boys were worn out. I didn't bring a stroller in the hopes that I could wear them out but I also knew there would be complaining about walking so I tried to prepare for it mentally. When Clay couldn't walk any more, I would carry him for a little while. When Jaden couldn't walk any more, I would race him. When they both couldn't walk any more, I gave Clay a piggy back ride and raced Jaden. That was a good workout and my legs ache to prove it. With Clay on my back, I am about as fast as Jaden. We had some good races.

Poor Clay walked around all day with a scraped up face. Yesterday on a walk near our house he tripped while walking with both hands in his pockets and skinned his face up pretty good. From the top of his nose to the top of his mouth, there was lost skin and blood. It looks pretty bad and he complains that it hurts every once in awhile but he is doing pretty good with it. Lucky for him, he heals quickly and there will probably be no sign of the owie in a couple weeks.

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