Sunday, April 12, 2009

wonderful Easter

We were with my family over the last few days. The weekend has taken its toll on me. I am sleep deprived and a little worn out. I probably tried to do too much cooking today. I need to learn that simpler is better but I love a good, big homemade meal. It is what I am used to. Holidays with family mean that a big meal is coming. Maybe I need to redefine that in my life. I love to cook and enjoy making good crowd-pleasing food but it shouldn't exhaust me.

We had a great weekend, starting with an inspiring and challenging Good Friday service at our church community, Upper Room. My parents and grandma met us there. It was a great reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us. I also enjoyed seeing my parents participate in the service and hearing about how much they enjoyed their time at Upper Room.

We had a great Easter service at Upper Room tonight where people wrote on boards on the walls a word that described them before they met Jesus in their lives. Then at the end of the service, everyone turned the boards over and wrote a word that described their changed lives now. It was neat to read what people wrote. So great to experience the life-changing power of Jesus.

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