Thursday, April 30, 2009

a little hope

Yesterday, I got a little hope from my manager. I will at least get the chance to close-out the work that I was doing on Ares (NASA rocket). I had done a substantial amount of work that I am hoping doesn't just get unused. I would rather keep working on it but if I can't, then at least someone else can use what I did do.

Bryan met me for lunch at work yesterday and it was fun to give him a little tour and introduce him to the people that I work with at ATK. I pointed out to Bryan that the guy beside me took down his Ares drawings from his cubicle wall. I, however, refuse to take down my pictures, drawings and colored pictures of Ares done by my boys. It is the little hope that I have left. The pictures are inspiring and someday, I will do space work again.

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