Monday, May 4, 2009

missing my side by side

This past Sunday as I was waiting for Bryan to arrive at church after working all day, I was reminded of one of the things I loved about Rochester. When we lived there, I was part of an amazing group of women, Side By Side. It was a Christian ministry for wives of doctors at every stage of training and beyond. Some people might think that doctor's wives have easy lives, so why do they need a ministry. It took me awhile to realize the answer to this also. During residency, I quickly realized that when your husband is at the hospital all the time, life is not easy or fun.

The women of Side By Side helped make my life more enjoyable in so many ways. The best thing about the group was just knowing that people could relate to your life. They knew that your husband would have to work long hours, many days and have little time off. They also knew that when he was off, he would still have work to do and would be thinking about patients all the time. When his mind wasn't occupied, he was so sleep deprived that he couldn't be "present." They understood it was hard and at times, impossible, for your husband to go to church with you. That was what I was reminded of this Sunday and last. Last Sunday I attended church without Bryan because he had to work that evening. This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to have Bryan meet me at church after working a long day. I was still glad to have him there even though he was late. My eyes teared up as I thought about Bryan not being with me at church. It was now so great to have him at my side. There is just something special and spiritual about having the man you are "one" with share in your spiritual journey.

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