Saturday, May 9, 2009

little men, big personalities

I love seeing my boys' personalities develop and show through as they get older. The past few days their personalities are becoming clearer. It also helped that we got to hear about them at a conference with their teacher, Mr. Jason.

Jaden is a very social kid. He loves being with others and is great at getting other kids to do things with him. He is rarely alone. He loves to have fun and laugh, a lot and loudly. He is turning out to be a caring and compassionate kid. He helps others when they need it and doesn't brag about helping. He loves letters and phonics and words. He is full of energy and life. The thing that I hear most is that he is a big smiler. He smiles way more often than he doesn't. He tends to be more like me than Bryan.

Clay likes to be alone and works/plays by himself most of the time. He is very focused and not easily distracted. He is independent. He is caring and loving. He enjoys physical affection. He is emotionally expressive and imaginative. He is quiet and obedient, for the most part. He is an amazing sleeper and can sleep just about anywhere, any time. Just yesterday he fell asleep sitting in the front of the grocery cart and slept with his head leaning on the front of the cart and then on a package of pull-ups. He transferred in and out of the carseat and then onto the floor of our living room without any problem. He is much more like Bryan than like me.

We are in Yankton, SD visiting Bryan's extended family. Jaden is enjoying his cousins and second cousins and first cousins, once removed (whatever all of their official names are...). Today Jaden got to be with 6 year old, Kenzie and he was in heaven. At one point, I was concerned because they went to the bathroom together at a graduation party at a local country club, unbeknownst to me. I went to check on them and Jaden had already went to the boys room by himself and washed his hands, with soap (this was a first). He was waiting in the pink flowered chair at the women's entrance. Just waiting for Kenzie. He seemed so old. So much older than 4...and a half. I can just imagine him someday waiting for a girlfriend to finish up in the bathroom. Wow, he is getting big and acting so mature. The flash of the future quickly faded as Jaden fell out of the chair and hurt his knee. He held back the tears and quickly brushed it off once Kenzie arrived. And they were off...

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