Monday, May 18, 2009

my kids made me happy

I have to admit that my kids frustrate me often and but they do laugh a lot so they are good at lightening the mood.

Today work was not fun and was quite depressing to me. I was really looking forward to seeing the boys, even though Bryan had a work meeting tonight. Usually I don't look forward to evenings without Bryan but tonight was different. I couldn't wait to be with my boys and have them cheer me up and forget about all the downside of my job.

We had fun tonight despite all of the times I had to discipline my boys. We laughed a lot. We ate mac-n-cheese. We raced in the house and timed each other running. We played the piano. And the boys told me lots of stories from school today.

They rejuvenated me and I am ready to go to work again tomorrow. Jaden and Clay are excited to do their work at school tomorrow. I love that the Montessori method teaches kids that work is good. I can actually have a conversation about work with my boys and they seem to get it. They have work. Mom has work. Daddy has work. Grown-ups work. They think this is good because they like their work. I hope they will always like their work and find work that they love to do.

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