Saturday, April 25, 2009

exhausted but inspired

Last night we got to go to an orchestra concert. I love listening to music, of almost any type. I am not musical but wish I was so I truly appreciate people with talents I don't have. I love that orchestra players are so passionate. It was so entertaining and thrilling to watch people play instruments and music they clearly love. The music inspires them and their passion is contagious.

There is chaos all around me with 4 energetic kids and 3 parents with much less energy from the fun, but exhausting last 2 days.

Bryan had his first play date (2 dads, 4 boys).
Jaden played his first soccer game.
Bryan coached his first soccer game.
Clay cheered on his brother.
Four parents got some time without kids to celebrate my sister-in-law's acceptance and funding to go to grad school.

I am exhausted but inspired. Looking forward to refreshing sleep.

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