Thursday, April 23, 2009

conversational Jaden

This week Jaden has been saying so many cute things.

This week started out by me telling the boys that I don't work on the NASA rocket any more. I have not been wanting to tell them because they love it, as do I. They call it "my" rocket. They have a poster of it up at school and toy rockets at home. Jaden asked me what I do now. I told him that I work on explosives that blow things up. Jaden said, "In the air?" I said, "No, but that would be better (laughter)." Jaden was not impressed by this. Too bad that I couldn't live up to impressing my 4 year old with my job.

Jaden has been talking about babies off and on for a few weeks now and the conversation just increased this week. Jaden told me on the way to school that he wanted me to have another baby. Then he asked me when I will have another baby. Today he asked me if I have a baby in my tummy yet. Sometimes he wants a sister and other times a brother. Tonight he told Bryan that he thinks we should have 4 boys in our family. Bryan explained to Jaden with my help that mom could not handle 4 boys, 2 is hard enough. I did find myself at one point explaining to Jaden all the negative things about babies and then stopped myself halfway through the conversation. I was thinking that someday, Jaden is not going to like babies and he won't know why. Unbeknownst to him, his mom will have planted negative thoughts in his head about babies. Hopefully it won't stick.


Teresa said...

No more babies eh?...... oh I falter with that decision...Josh says absolutely not! :)

I have been thinking a LOT about you lately and your rocket work, or lack there of. I wish you had an easier decision to make. Love life and live it to its fullest--find something you love to do b/c life is too short not too!

Raquel Jarabek said...

Please, God, no more babies. There are times when I think we will adopt a toddler girl and days when I think 2 kids is all I can handle. I enjoy kids but babies are not my choice of age.

Bryan is encouraging my passion for space work. We have been talking a lot about it. I am ready to get my resume updated again but not sure when I will have the time.