Friday, April 17, 2009

want of a keyboard

We are in the looking process for a piano keyboard, not a computer keyboard.

I am going to learn how to play and teach my boys at the same time. I have always wanted to learn an instrument and the piano seems to be the best to play without any other instruments. The guitar would work too but I am not as interested in that. Learning to play an instrument and read music has been on my life goal list for quite awhile soI am happy to be making some progress on that front.

I am super excited about finding a Montessori based piano teacher. I think her techniques will be the best to keep the attention of my boys.

I had my first meeting with Hestia, my future piano teacher. She is awesome and eccentric and I will have many stories to retell from her. She is the creator of the only Montessori piano teaching method and books.

She is from Sri Lanka and at least in her sixties. She asked me my religion and off we went on a 15 minute discussion about the Bible and a 5 minute lecture (word from God, as she called it) about sex. It was great and very entertaining!

She is very skilled in piano (many degrees and certifications) and also has a knack for acting (along with a degree). She pretended that I was Jaden or Clay at various times throughout my intro lesson and it was frightening how real she was!

She was very entertaining and I couldn't stop laughing at our interaction on the way home. I look forward to meeting with her again. I am super excited to play a few notes on the keyboard and to teach my boys!


Roxanne said...

Raquel, this is so exciting. I'm so proud of you for stepping closer to another goal :-)

Love ya!

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