Saturday, October 18, 2008

neglected kids

Yesterday my boys got neglected. I think they watched about 3 or 4 hours of PBS. To be truthful, they did play intermittently throughout the TV watching.

My parents are here this weekend and that gave me motivation to clean and organize some more stuff since moving in. I know my parents don't care how clean my house is, which is nice. They just want to hangout and play with their grandkids. I just enjoy the pressure to get some stuff done because people are coming to my house.

I spent most of my day organizing stuff that just got shoved into drawers and cupboards in our bathrooms and picking up items around our house that were not put away. I love organizing. I spent some time cleaning but not much. I like to leave that till the end. I am a true procrastinator at heart and then ran out of time to do all the cleaning I wanted. Oh well, I like feeling organized.

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