Saturday, October 25, 2008

astronaut Jaden

I can't possibly leave the blog with such a negative picture of me because there is still joy in my life (see previous post if you are lost).

Yesterday, on Friday, I got a nice break from the boys while my sister-in-law, Chrystine, took care of my boys for the afternoon. I hungout at Caribou Coffee for 3 hours working on job stuff.

On the way to Chrystine's, Jaden says to me (unprompted), "Mom, when.....I.....grow....up.....I want to be.....a astronaut." (Jaden talks nice and slowly when he has thought about what he wants to say. He also knew that I was leaving the boys to go and do work stuff and try to find a job.)

Me, "Oh, really. That is nice."

Jaden, "Ya, because I want to go in space with you. You, me, dad and Clay can all go in a spaceship together."

Me, "That would be great. I would love that. Who is going to build the spaceship? Will you build it?"

Jaden, "No."

Me, "Who will build the spaceship for us then?"

Clay, "Me! Me!"

Jaden, "Mom, what is a satellite? Can I see one?"............

These are moments I don't want to forget. I love my boys. We had a great conversation. I love that my kids want to be with me. I know that they get lots of time with me and it is nice to know they like it. I know someday they may not want to be with me, especially not in a spaceship together. I love that my interest in space is transferring to them. I don't need them to be astronauts or work for NASA but I do like that they will care about space exploration no matter what they do in life.

On another note, Jaden has wanted to be a teacher until now because his cousin, Kira, said she wants to be a teacher.

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