Wednesday, October 8, 2008

don't want to go to preschool

I was so excited earlier this school year when Jaden wanted to go to preschool. I figured it was short-lived but I didn't know how long it would last. It ended today.

Last Friday Jaden got very scared by the expectation of firefighters coming to his classroom. Then he was even more terrified when they came into the room. He was not comforted sitting next to the teacher so the teacher's aide had to take a crying Jaden out of the room.

The teachers and preschool director reassured me that Jaden was just fine when they went outside to see the firetruck. He recovered quickly and was happy to play again in the classroom.

We thought everything was fine but I figured it would resurface. It did today. He hasn't been back to preschool until today because he only goes Wednesday and Friday mornings.

So this morning Jaden told me repeatedly, "I don't want to go to preschool." I was understanding of his feelings and talked with him endlessly about it for the first hour but the last half hour before we left for preschool, I lost it. I couldn't take it any more. This kid never quits. I told him he had to go and it didn't matter.

Thankfully Bryan rescued me at the right time when I was yelling that we would be late if Jaden didn't get dressed now. Bryan calmed Jaden down and I got to talk reasonably with Jaden on the way to preschool.

I am sure the anxiety will resurface. Once Jaden returned home, he said did have fun at preschool. We'll see what happens on Friday.

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