Thursday, October 2, 2008

good times

The last few days have been quite enjoyable.

I keep saying that Bryan and I don't have friends because we just moved to a new place and don't yet have people to call. We are grateful to have my brother, Kirk, and his family nearby but they can't be our only friends. This week I was contacted by two old friends that live in the Minneapolis area because they want to hangout. That makes me so happy! This was especially great to me because I am usually the one calling all my friends to do things. It was so nice to be wanted and contacted. I can't wait to get together with friends.

Then on Tuesday night, Bryan and I got a babysitter so that we could go to the Art Music Justice Tour with Sara Groves and 4 other great musicians. The concert was inspiring and encouraging and such a treat to go and listen to great music. It made Bryan and I want to be more active in our Christian faith. It was reassuring to me that what we did in Honduras this summer will happen again and it is what God wants for our family. I recommend Sara Goves music for everyone who enjoys a song with thoughtful, challenging lyrics, not just fluff. I also enjoyed Brandon Heath and didn't know that I had heard some of his songs before. His songs are upbeat and have a good rhythm to them.

Love things that inspire me like old and new friends and great music!


Teresa said...

Thanks for your support....a, b, c, d, and e now seem to connect to each other. been some tough times for me emotionally lately...perhaps I have too much on my plate!

Teresa said...

oh and I am so GLAD you have friends again :) Family is WONDERFUL but other friends are so important too! I don't really have any yet.... :)