Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jaden and the Soccer Ball Monkeys

The kids on Jaden's team decided on their name, the Soccer Ball Monkeys. Not just the monkeys and not just the soccer monkeys. They're name is the Soccer Ball Monkeys. It is hard to cheer for that team--quite a mouthful but I still did my fair share of yelling.

Jaden loved soccer. This was his first official sport and he loved it! It is done now for us. He wishes that it was still going. We might have to find an indoor soccer league in the fall or at least another sport for him to do.

Jaden loves sports of all kinds. I havn't found a sport yet that he doesn't want to do or play. He is super competitive, even with his teammates, which is quite typical at this age. Kids don't yet understand the importance of a team and working together to accomplish a goal. He liked to tell us that he was not the fastest player and would go on to tell us who was the fastest that week. He also would fill us in on the goals for the game. Who scored the most and how many he/she scored and which team won. He did all of this in his head because there was no score kept during the game. He definitely has a knack for sports and I am sure they will be a large part of our lives in the future. I love watching Jaden be so passionate about playing soccer!

Here is Jaden in action.
Jaden and his team with their completion medals. I think the medals allowed us to get a picture of all of the kids without anyone wanting to hide or runaway. Bryan was the coach and did an awesome job. Jaden loved having his dad as his coach.

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Teresa said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Bryan would make an EXCELLENT coach! I love Jaden's passion for anything he wants to do! Great job J :)