Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clay's Ball Party

So, it's been two weeks since Clay's party but I still wanted to get these pictures up here. He is now a big 3 year old and loves to tell people.

The boys had so much fun playing with about 100 balls in Grandma Vicki's (& Grandpa Cal's) living room. We had the party in Fargo, ND so we could make sure that family was there. We had a great time but I am really going to try to have a little kid party for Clay next year, when he turns 4. I definitely have some guilt about throwing Jaden two kid/friend parties already and Clay hasn't gotten any yet. It is good they can't remember that or care yet.

Here they are in the ball tent. They both were throwing and deflecting balls! A real treat to do this inside the house! Cousin Eli just wanted to smash everything included the tent and tunnel. They had a blast. We played some games with the balls and shot them through the hoop. There were balls of every kind.
Clay loved the bug toys he got from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Oscar. He got a magnifying glass, bug cage, binoculars and a bug net (the favorite). Clay was hilarious looking through the magnifying glass.
Clay is catching the rubber lizards on dad's face and loving it!
Clay was born one day after Uncle Eric's birthday so they got to share the cake for the party. My mom made a yummy lemon cake, as requested by Clay.
We spent many hours playing outside that weekend. Here are the 4 Jarabek cousins/grandsons: Clay, Jaden, Eli and

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