Sunday, June 7, 2009

cute singing kids

On Friday night, the boys' school had their Spring Program for friends and family to watch them perform some songs and see the 6 year old kids graduate that are moving onto first grade at another school.

I have never enjoyed watching kids sing so much. I bribed the boys with tootsie rolls if they did a good job singing. I think it helped. I am not above bribing my kids. There was a good possibility that they wouldn't sing so I went with bribery to see a good show.

It worked and they sang like no one was watching. They sang their hearts out and knew all the motions to the songs too. They were so cute to watch. Bryan and I couldn't wipe the grins off our faces. When Clay wasn't doing any motions, he was digging for gold in his pockets. He didn't find any but just kept digging. The kids little nervous mannerisms are so cute to watch.

Clay digging away!
Jaden is doing a very good job of holding his drumsticks quietly. He refused the bells and asked for the sticks. He sure loves sticks of all kinds!
Clay ringing his heart out! Ring those bells! He was strategically placed between two mothering little girls that kept him inline--so cute!
Miss Katy (assistant teacher) and Mr. Jason (lead teacher)
The kids singing Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish.

I love their school. I think they take very good care of my boys. As I get to know their teachers more, I like them more. The kids are learning a little Spanish and French. They have a music teacher that comes in weekly to play piano and sing with the kids. The music teacher is the daughter of my piano teacher and uses the same methods I am learning and passing onto my boys.

The kids were so cute at the program. They all know each other very well. It was funny to watch the parents, who don't know each other, observe the kids interacting so easily.

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