Friday, June 12, 2009

Clay is 3!

Today Clay turned 3 years old. Wow, the last three years went by quickly. That is not to say that it was easy or that it wasn't memorable because it was both difficult and memorable. Raising two small children has definitely gotten easier over this last year and I am so happy to have boys that are 3 and 4 years old.

Clay had a great time celebrating his birthday at school on Wednesday. Bryan got to be a part of the birthday gathering and took this pictures while Clay was walking the Earth around the Sun (candle) to represent the three times he has circled the Sun in his life.

Today we celebrated by making pancakes. Clay wanted to make the recipe in Jaden's Sesame Street cookbook because the picture has a pancake in the shape of a three. They were the yummiest pancakes I have ever made and they were even better because we ate them with strawberries and whip cream. Clay got to enjoy a three-shaped pancake and Jaden got a four-shaped pancake.

We spent the whole afternoon outside today so I could mow the lawn, which did take the whole afternoon. Once Bryan got up from sleeping all day (he is working overnights), we had dinner and then Clay got to find his hidden present outside. Here he is with his three-wheel scooter. He loves the neighbor's similar scooter so we are hoping this will be a hit with him.

Saturday we will have another day of celebrating Clay with a birthday party in Fargo with lots of family.

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