Monday, February 16, 2009

we are doing it again

Yep, we are going to Honduras again!

We have our tickets and are excited to go again. We were hoping to go again but weren't sure how soon it would be able to happen. Well, it is coming soon. We will be gone from July 2-20. We are going back to the same place, Loma de Luz Hospital in Balfate, Colon, Honduras. The even nicer thing this time is that we are taking Bryan's sister, Kim, with us. She is a college student who will help us with the boys and make it possible for me to help out more around the hospital grounds and with the local schools. Kim, the boys and I will probably stick together most of the time and just tag team the kids so that we can both help out wherever needed.

I am definitely looking forward to going again. I really can't wait. I can already taste the mouthwatering pineapple and avacados in my mouth. I can't wait to see Argentina (the staff housing housekeeper) again. And I can't wait for the boys to play with Marisela and Joshua again.

We are already praying for all that is in store. Bryan was completely excited to go again until he was looking at hotels in La Ceiba (on the way to get to the hospital) and the internet descriptions were reminding him of the danger that is possible there. We know that there is more risk there than here but it is easy to forget when you know you are doing what God wants you to be doing.

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