Monday, February 23, 2009

good but chaotic life

The last couple of days have been days that go by so quickly that you don't realize what all has happened until you reflect on it. Our life has been full of chaos.

Clay has had so many peeing accidents, I lost track. Not sure what is going on there because he has been doing so good for the last few weeks. Last evening topped it off with an accident in the carseat with his underwear and pants soaked, the carseat cover soaked and the seat of our van soaked. How lovely.

Add to that, emotional stress from seeing Bryan's sister on Saturday with all of her issues right now. And seeing her with tired and cranky, sugared-up kids at the Mall of America during afternoon naptime.

Yesterday I had a lot to get done and was doing dishes and laundry and email and trying to entertain my misbehaving children. I finally got a shower around noon and about halfway through my shower the water went ice cold. I thought I had just used up all the hot water, no big deal, just get out, soon!

A few hours later after going grocery shopping and putting the kids down for naps, I was making some soup (for scrapbooking retreat) and realized that there was no hot water coming out of the facet when I needed it. Maybe I just didn't run it long enough but we had to leave for church. The more I thought about it, maybe we really didn't have hot water, the clothes kept coming out freezing cold out of the washing machine which seemed a little odd. I started thinking we really had no hot water and our water heater was broken.

Bryan met us at church after working Sunday. This was his weekend to work which probably made Saturday and Sunday more chaotic. He casually tells me as we are trying to find a seat that his boss has been trying to get him fired.

Wow, I thought, God is sure taking care of us (not sarcastically). Amidst the turmoil and interhospital problems that Bryan has been having, he had no idea that his boss disliked him that much. It was kind of nice to not know that for the last 3 months, his boss had been spreading the word about how much she disliked Bryan. We were really clueless and it wasn't bad.

We really do know that God is taking care of us because Bryan's boss has now been removed from her position and a new leader is in place now. The old boss has lots of character issues and her wanting to remove Bryan was just the last straw for a lot of people at the hospital. It was just enough for everyone to realize that she needed to go. The odd thing is that we really had no idea of all that was going on without Bryan in the loop.

We are grateful that Bryan has job and that there is a new leader of the hospitalists at work. We are also grateful to all of the fellow hospitalists that stood up for Bryan and defended him when his boss wanted to remove him. Bryan has gotten to hear lots of complements from coworkers that he otherwise wouldn't have heard because of this situation happening.

So, Bryan left this morning for work after not showering in two days (got up late yesterday and no hot water today). We'll see how his coworkers like him now. Thankfully he can get a shower at work. I on the other hand am still waiting for a shower because I am still waiting for the plumber to show up. Bryan tried to get a kiss from me before we parted for 3 days while I am away scrapbooking with friends. I say tried because there was a puddle of pee separating us that Clay had just sprayed (pants down) all over the bathroom and me.

There was a mistake on behalf of the plumbing company this morning. They were supposed to have someone here by 9am to fix our water heater but it was entered into the computer wrong. Now someone will hopefully be here in the next hour (3 hours late).

On top of that, our washing machine is on the fritz. It is 25 years old so we have been expecting it but it is still not a joy to have it happen. It won't get the soap out, probably because of the cold water so I am rinsing everything three times. It won't spin the clothes to wring out the water either. I have been having to spin it 2-3 times too. Very frustrating.

I am sitting here waiting for a repairman with all of my scrapbooking stuff ready to go on a retreat. After I get a shower and after I get the kids to school. Poor Bryan has the next three days without me and with the kids. I know he is trying to process all that has happened over the last three months and the last couple of days.

So much to take in but in the end, I know that God is with us and is still taking care of us.

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Teresa said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! I thought our week was a long one last week..... my thoughts and prayers are with you. Relax and enjoy your scrapping! Glad Brian still has a job :) What is happening with Brian's sister?