Monday, February 2, 2009

bad changes

I love my new job and like pretty much everything that it has brought to our family life. There are two things that are putting a dent in the perfection. Both of the boys have taken on bad habits since I have went back to work. Bryan thinks it might be a little too early to jump to any conclusions but he is just being an optimist.

Dent #1: Clay and his potty-training issues. He has had countless pee and poop accidents in his underwear over the last three weeks. This is no fun for us to clean-up. He has had a few accidents at school, which was to be expected because he does not go completely on his own yet. He has had about as many dry days as he has had wet days at school so that doesn't totally explain all of the accidents at home. Clay is smart enough to know what he is doing and communicate it so this is getting quite frustrating. Hopefully he adjusts soon.

Dent #2: Jaden and his misbehaving issues. He has had countless timeouts in a chair and in his room over the last three weeks. He has had recent issues with hitting, pushing, trying to bite Clay, disobeying, breaking things intentionally and just plain old not listening to us. This is wearing us out but Bryan and I are thankfully here to help each other carry out the discipline. I am sure he will adjust. He just needs to get through this time of transition, testing and boundary-pushing. He has done this before to us during difficult circumstances so it is kind of expected but still not fun. He is my constant boundary-pusher and I just wish that he would be a rule-follower now. I try to remind myself that boundary-pushers are world-changers and he will do great things someday. I know he will.

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