Thursday, February 5, 2009

sometimes God helps me appreciate life

Not sure I even want to blog about my night but I have decided to anyway.

The kids have been sick this week. It really hasn't been a big deal. I had to leave work early on Tuesday because Clay had a fever and then the boys had to stay home from school on Wednesday. I am so appreciative of my flexible job. I ended up working Thursday instead of Wednesday. Jaden developed pink eye Wednesday so Bryan was able to be with the boys today (Thursday). I have been fine with all of this and just thankful that we were able to make it work so easily. Sure we didn't get great sleep but our boys were still relatively happy despite the fever and one red eye.

Tonight I had a wakeup call or a wakeup drive is more like it. Bryan and I were happy to be out on a date. We had a great meal at our favorite local Mexican restaurant where we ate our favorite meal, chori pollo. I couldn't stop talking about work and beaming from how much I enjoy it. Bryan thankfully entertained my talking despite him wanting me to read The Shack to him.

We were having a nice drive around the city looking at the two possible locations our church might be moving to soon. We were kind of lost, well at least we lost track of north for a little while, when we drove by a very sad sight. A woman had just been hit by a car in the street. We didn't see the accident but were there right after it happened. We quickly made the decision to stop and Bryan got out to help. All I could do was pray. That woman's life will forever be changed. It was changed in an instant. She got hit by a car and then ran over by another car and a third car stopped just before running over her. Thankfully she was breathing with a faint heartbeat and the car only drove over her legs. She was in critical condition. Bryan helped load her in the ambulance once it got there. He got back in the car about 20 minutes later with 10 cop cars surrounding us.

Wow. So shocking. We sat stunned at what had just happened. Bryan with blood on his hands and clothing did all he could, which wasn't much in his estimation but was great by anyone else's. The woman who was driving and hit the pedestrian was hysterical as I would have been too.

A lot of prayers were coming out of our car. Bryan called the hospital later to find out how the lady was doing. Amazingly she was stable and getting some CT scans. She will most likely survive. Completely astounding!

I sure appreciate life. Life is such a gift.

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