Tuesday, February 3, 2009

good life confession

I am loving my job and enjoying life right now. Something my husband keeps saying hasn't been sitting with me very well lately.

Bryan keeps saying that our life is good.

I will admit that our lives are just what we wanted. Bryan has a part-time doctor job. I have a part-time space job. We have lots of time to spend with family and time to donate to our church. We have our kids in a Montessori school. We live close to family in Minneapolis. Life couldn't get any better, it seems.

For some reason in my head, when I hear life is good, that means that life should be easy. Life does not feel easy right now. Sometimes life still feels hard. I am realizing that life being good is not the same as life being easy. I can say our life is good but it is not always easy.

I am enjoying life more than I have in years and if that means life is good, then I will say it. Life is good.


Teresa said...

Interestingly I have trouble with that too--but when I say life is good, I worry that by saying it, something bad will happen. I think life is good and life will always be good for people like us--we are positive people and always make the best of any situation!

Roxanne said...

Raquel, yes, life is good...I agree with Teresa in that I worry that if I say it that it might change. But I do look at your life and say "wow" God is amazingly good...whether life is or not...God is. I am sure if you look at the blessings as opposed to the struggles you will find the blessings outnumber the struggles by huge numbers...and the struggles are mostly temporary--your boys will grow up (at least that's what I'm reminding myself) :-) I love you!

Raquel Jarabek said...

Life is good because God is good. I truly don't fear bad things happening because I know that they can happen to anyone. And I have so much to learn from difficult times and suffering. I am truly appreciating how much we are enjoying life right now. I know that it will change but if life was always good, there would be no great times. You can not have great times with out the bad times. I would much rather have the ups and downs than a boring, mundane life, whatever that is.