Friday, April 11, 2008

off to Minneapolis

It was so nice to have Bryan's brother, Eric, and his wife, Laura, and baby, Eli, with us from Tuesday through Thursday. They stayed with us while away from Fargo on a business trip. Eric and Laura had lots of fun entertaining my boys. Jaden and Clay got spoiled by all of the block cities that were built and all of the games that were played. Everyone had lots of fun playing.

Last night, our Thursday night small group babysitter, Christen, went above and beyond her job. She built an awesome fort with the kids downstairs and took pictures of it to show us and remind the kids. She comforted Jaden many times during the thunder and lightening and told him that the storm was bringing spring which made him much less scared. He got up this morning and told me that, "The thunder and lightening mean spring is coming." Christen stayed up late dealing with a scared Jaden who wouldn't sleep. She rubbed his back till he fell asleep. Then a little while later she had to hold Clay because he woke up not feeling well. She also washed our dishes and unloaded the dishwasher. She was amazing last night! I am truly of the opinion that it is good to get help raising your kids. She makes my kids happier and makes me a better mom by giving me a break and letting me return to happy kids.

We are off to Minneapolis as the title says. We are heading up to Apple Valley to stay in Bryan's aunt and uncle's empty, but furnished townhouse for the weekend. Bryan will work overnight Friday and Saturday for some extra money and we will look at houses on Sunday afternoon. I am sure we will see some of Kirk (my brother), Chrystine, Kira & Brinley too since they live about 5 minutes from the townhouse.

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