Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bid on a house

We have decided to put a bid on a house in Bloomington. We still think it is over-priced so our offer will be low but we are hoping that they counter-offer--we'll see. Their realtor was discouraging to us and our low offer. Here is a link to the house. We really like the floor plan with both the living room and family room on the same level. The kitchen and bathrooms need updating and some wallpaper needs to be taken down. It will also need lots of painting. The pictures of the house are nice but there is no furniture in it now. It has been on the market for 5 months and the price has dropped twice already. We really like the neighborhood and it is the closest we will possibly live to my brother and his family in Rosemount. On the other hand, it is the farthest we are considering for Bryan's commute. Bryan has gotten a little too attached to this house, in his opinion, but I am not 100% about this house because I wanted to be closer to Edina. We are both happy to have found something we agree on enough to put an offer on the house.

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