Tuesday, April 8, 2008

don't need a vacation from the vacation

I don't want to be someone who takes a vacation and then needs a vacation after the vacation. Anyway, all that is to say that I enjoyed our trip to San Diego. We did have some minor sun burns--my scalp, Jaden's raccoon eyes, and Bryan's forehead. We have a very full first couple of days while going to the San Diego Zoo (Thursday) and Sea World (Friday). We had a blast at both places. We also spent some time off and on at the hotel where Bryan had his conference and he presented his poster on Thursday night there while we hungout at our hotel. On Saturday, we took it easy and drove around some and took naps in the afternoon at the hotel (much needed even though it was short). We were at the hotel Saturday night for a professional football player autograph signing that they had for free. Bryan was excited about this and even got a football for his boys. We also went to Coronado Island a couple of times to walk on the beach and look at hotel Del. We left Sunday morning and drove along a lot of beaches on our way to the Orange County airport. We got out and walked a couple of places. It was a beautiful, relaxing day. We got home lat Saturday night and are still unpacking and putting things away and sorting through the mail and email.

Here are Jaden's highlights:
1. The splashing dolphins and whales at Sea World. "The dolphins jump in the water and they splash (giggle, giggle)," Jaden has repeated this many times.
2. Sitting by his favorite girl, Jenna, on the airplane ride from Minneapolis to Rochester. Friends of ours from church just happened to be on the same flight back into town and these two kids got to sit in their own half aisle of 2 seats, so cute!

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