Thursday, February 7, 2008

made my day

I couldn't leave that last post up as the first thing you read for very long. It was depressing to me and I want to get out of my funk. My great and awesome friend, Laurie Daddino, just made my day!

The boys took a long nap and I got some adult conversation in with Laurie and she got me a job lead. Laurie's friend, Gretchen, who works for Honeywell with a space-related job, works with some people in Minneapolis on her project. Now Laurie and Getchen have my resume and I hope they can pass it on to some useful people who might want to interview or employ me.

I am a much happier mom after my boys nap and the job connection makes me even happier. Thanks Laurie!!!

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Laurie said...

Yahoo!! Keep me posted!