Tuesday, February 12, 2008

busy vacation

Just so you know, this update is mostly for my mom and may get boring to some of you reading.

Well, I don't really think it will be a busy vacation but we have a lot going on over the next two and half weeks. Bryan ended up getting two weeks of vacation back to back at the end of February because he is going to a medical conference during his originally scheduled week off at the end of April. (We get to go to Paris for the conference without kids...yippee!) Mayo was unusually nice to him and told him to take a different week off for vacation in February so that is how we ended up with two weeks together, which never happens in residency.

Before I get to vacation plans, I want to give a little job update. I have two phone interviews over the next two days for engineering jobs that I am probably not qualified for and for jobs that I probably don't want. Oh well, maybe it will get me a connection that I do want to a job that I would love. One phone interview is with Honeywell (not related to the help that I got from Laurie and her friend Gretchen) and the other is with Duke Aviation.

On Friday, 2/15, Bryan's parents are probably coming down to Rochester from Fargo and we are driving to Chicago for a little weekend family vacation. We plan on seeing the sites and returning to Rochester on Monday night. Bryan's parents will probably leave Tuesday.

I (yes, just me) leave for LA for my Boeing interview Wednesday morning, the 20th. I am really looking forward to this now. I will have my interview on the 21st. Please pray that I don't embarrass myself too much. Well, I might need a little embarrassment to be better prepared for a job that I really want in Minneapolis down the road. I will return to Rochester late Thursday night.

Bryan and I are going to a marriage retreat, Family Life Weekend to Remember, in Rochester from Friday to Sunday (22nd-24th). We are excited that they have new curriculum because we have been 7 times previously. We always get something new out of it and it will be good for us to focus on making our marriage better.

I (yes, just me again) am going to a scrapbooking retreat with a bunch of ladies from my Side By Side medical wives bible study. We are staying in a special craft house in Red Wing, MN (The Legacy House) from Monday (2/25) afternoon through Wednedsay (2/27) afternoon.

We will then be relaxing as a family in Thursday and Friday. Bryan will probably get some much needed time to himself once I return.

I will be away from the kids a lot and Bryan will be taking care of the kids a lot over his vacation. I am sure Jaden and Clay will not react well to all of this change but we will be hoping for the best. I am thinking this may be one of my best vacations yet. We'll see...

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