Tuesday, February 5, 2008

job search

Trying to get a job is hard work. It is wearing me out. I spent another Tuesday with the kids at daycare while I applied for jobs. I focused a lot of my time today on Lockheed Martin; emailing, calling and applying. I am praying for God to work a miracle because things just aren't looking good. I know that I need to make some connections with people working at some of the companies I am applying with in the Minneapolis area. If anyone out there has any connections to Lockheed Martin, Honeywell aerospace, Raytheon, ATK, Boeing, Goodrich, Teledyne, BAE, Manpower, or the Astronomy Department at the University of Minnesota please help me out. I definitely feel like I am 'working like it depends on me and praying like it depends on God,' to paraphrase my previous Pastor Mark Batterson. I know that God wants me to go back to work but I also know that it will be in his timing, not mine and that is a hard lesson to learn.

On a happier note, I will be going out to LA by myself to interview with Boeing for some interview practice and hopefully to make some connections with Boeing in Minneapolis. We'll see what happens. Bryan hasn't officially signed his contract to work at Fairview Southdale hospital in Edina, MN but he is getting quite close to it. The negotiating is coming to a close and soon we will have the final contract in our hands. So for now, I am still saying that we are 'most likely' moving to Minneapolis because it is not finalized yet. But we are 99% sure we will be in the Twin Cities.

I pray that I will feel confident in God's plan and trust him to work out the best job scenario for me in his best timing.


Anonymous said...


You are an amazing engineer, wonderful wife and excellent mother who is going to make some company very lucky when they hire you. You have a lot of great experience and a passion that is unmatched. I continue to pray for God to open the right door and soon!


LauraJ said...

Four years ago, I was in a similar position--I wanted a chemistry job, and it had to be in Fargo. I was a little worried and panicked, because I wanted a job that was more than cleaning glassware at Pracs. I had to wait awhile (a few months after we got married), but God found me an absolutely awesome job at NDSU, and I loved working there for a few years. Now when I look back at that "waiting" time, I realize that it was all a part of God's plan.
You still have, I think, 3 months until you move? That's a lot of time yet. Also, I'm continually amazed at how quickly God can accomplish things. So good luck and I'm sure you'll find the perfect job soon!