Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Bryan and I have strep throat. I know I should be sleeping right now but I really wanted to write this in case my family has time to read it. I know that I don't need to right this down because I will remember how traumatic this is. About a year a half ago, Bryan and I, both had strep throat at the same time when Clay was about 3 months old and Jaden was 21 months old. I still remember how difficult that was. It was even harder then but not much easier this time around. We have been dealing with fever, chills, aches and pains, headaches, tummy aches, weakness and the worst sore throat of our lives. I had strep throat when I was younger many times and I never remember it being this bad. It has been way worse as an adult this time and last. The kids are a little easier to take care of now and it did help to have them in daycare on Tuesday but it has been a rough week. There were times we were barely making it by. I am on the upswing now--only dealing with a miserably sore throat still. I learned from the pediatric nurse that kids 3 and under rarely, if ever, get strep so that is good that we have healthy kids despite our illness.

Oh, there was one thing making this worse for me too. On Sunday night I fell down the stairs at Dan & Carol's house while I was holding Clay. I had very slippery socks on and was trying to shove my way through a small opening to get through the door to the stairs because we were really crammed in there. Dan and Carol hosted our small group Christmas dinner together with all of our kids. It was a little bit chaotic but all of the food was delicious. Anyway, I fell and hit my hip really bad and slid down 4 or 5 stairs and wacked my arm pretty good on the railing too. I did hear a scary snap from Clay when we dropped and we think it was just him biting his tongue, which did bleed a lot while he was crying from the scare. I managed to hold onto him tight and not drop him to fall down another 10 steps so that was good because it could have been worse. I am pretty banged up and have the biggest bruise ever on my left hip. I think falling down the stairs on Sunday night made having strep on Monday much worse because my aches and pains came from two different sources.

Ok, enough complaining, or sharing as I like to call it. I need to get sleep and recover.

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