Friday, December 14, 2007

i love environmentalists

Well, truth is that I don't love environmentalists just for being environmentalists but today I was loved by one environmentalist that made my day. I was going through Taco John's drive through today which never happens without Bryan but it was close to where I was shopping after Jaden's Christmas Program (pictures to come soon). Anyway, I ordered a kids meal and got a Dr. Pepper to drink because the drink was for me. It usually comes in a small styrofoam cup. But when I pulled up to get my food and beverage, the lady handed me a large Dr. Pepper. I politely told her that I didn't order a large drink, thinking that they made a mistake on my order. The kind, older lady at the window then said, "It's ok. I didn't charge you for it. I just have a problem with the styrofoam cup that you are supposed to get because they take so long to degrade..." It made my day and I laughed about it in the car for a good 10 minutes. The kids laughed right along with me thinking I was crazy but it was fun. What made her comments even greater was that you could tell she knew she was breaking the rules and either thought people would think she was crazy or she would get in trouble. It was so cute the way she shyly said it but still did it anyway.

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Kirk said...

I hope she didn't replace it with a plastic cup from TJ's, that may defeat the purpose ;-) We should hang out some time soon.