Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am officially done Christmas shopping. Well, at least until I figure out that I forgot someone or something. I hope I am really done. I got an early start this year in the beginning of November thanks to a great day of shopping with my sister-in-law, Chrystine. I don't love to shop, in fact I sometimes dread it it, but she made it enjoyable. Thanks, Chrystine.

I have been on a happy-kick for the last couple of days because God answered a prayer of mine. I have been praying that God would compel some company, any aerospace company, to contact me for good or bad. I have applied for about 40 jobs, probably 25 in the Minneapolis area and dream jobs elsewhere and haven't heard anything back from any of the companies except the generic receipt of application or resume. Until 2 days ago!!! I got an email from Boeing Astrodynamics saying that they want to phone interview me in January. That just made my day and I am still happy because of it. Granted the interview is most likely related to a job in southern California which I will probably not take right now but it is promising and the guy will hopefully have a contact at Boeing in Minneapolis. God, thanks for answering my prayer. That is great motivation to keep going on the job search process.

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