Friday, January 9, 2009

worry setting in

I got back to work in just a few short days on Monday. I am not concerned about my upcoming change but I am worried about my kids, especially Clay. Jaden is a tough kid who knows how to ask for what he wants but Clay is pretty quiet and doesn't speak up.

I have lots of unfounded and unnecessary worries. I am slowly getting over some of them but I am sure that once I get used to their school that I won't be so worried.

I am worried
that Clay won't get an afternoon snack,
that they will be starving by the time I pick them up,
that they won't talk to other kids,
that they won't know what to do with all of the new montessori activities,
that they won't get help buttoning and zipping their pants,
that they won't be able to open their lunch containers on their own,
that Clay will walk around with wet pants and underwear without anyone noticing,
that Clay or Jaden will miss me so much that they whine or misbehave more,
and that they won't get great care at the preschool.

I am really hoping that this preschool is as great as I think it is but I still am nervous about leaving both of my boys for such long periods of time. I know this is the right thing for me to do but that doesn't make it easy on the boys. I just hope that somehow they understand why this is all happening. I need to use the gifts that God has given me and that will make me a better mom to Jaden and Clay if I have more fulfillment in my life.

I usually have no problem leaving my kids with other people that I trust but this is harder than anything I have had to do. Right now they are excited to go to their new preschool together and I just hope that excitement sticks. I am also worried about when that excitement will wear off because I am sure it will.


Sarah said...

Raquel, it WILL be hard for you, but it won't be bad for very long. These little guys are amazing and they learn so fast. Good luck!

Teresa said...

no worries my dear:) we cannot and should not worry about those things that we cannot control! I will worry about them for you so you can relax and enjoy Sunday and Monday :) If you are going to worry, wait until Tuesday! :):):)

Oh and would like to see the pictures we talked about.....