Sunday, January 11, 2009

good night's sleep

I am heading to bed just 7 hours before I need to get up and start my new day as an employed aerospace systems engineer. Monday will be crazy I am sure. My kids are starting a new preschool and I am starting a new job at ATK.

Pray for me to be calm and that God will be with me and my kids on this new adventure.

Bryan will be happily at home on his day off. It will be nice to have him around in the morning to help me get the boys and myself ready.

This is a dream come true for both Bryan and I to be working part-time and have our kids in a Montessori school. There is lots of thanks going up to Jesus for working this miracle.

Now I just ask for one more miracle, God, that my job would involve some work in the space field, not just missiles and ammunition. I am also praying to make friends and feel fulfilled in my work and the relationships I make.

I look forward to giving you an update tomorrow. No, Teresa, I didn't take pictures of possible first day outfits. I am not that 'into' what I wear and that just seems like too much effort. I am letting the worry go and looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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Teresa said...

:) I sent lots of prayers your way! I hope day 1 was fulfilling, and exciting! How did the boys do? How was Bryan's first day home alone off? :)

No worries about the outfit...I just love to see those kinds of things! :)