Thursday, January 1, 2009

sparkly happy new year

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hate glitter. I hate that it gets all over and it is hard to get rid of. I would just rather not have anything in my life with glitter. So, if my kids make something with glitter or if you send me a card with glitter, it will get thrown away in the garbage. Unless it is a truly amazing card, those I have kept at least one with glitter, but that is definitely an exception. So, keep the glitter away from me and out of my house.

All that is the intro to a Sparkle-rama New Year's Eve party at the St. Paul Children's Museum that our family went to last night. We were lucky enough to win tickets (nice surprise). I didn't realy think about the title (Sparkle-rama) and about how much glitter that would include. It did indeed include glitter and about anything else that sparkled. We all had a lot of fun and tried to avoid the glitter which worked out pretty well. We all made sparkley hats and sparkley noise makers. We had a blast. You can see some of our creations below.

There was also a kids band, complete with a lead singer rockin' the air guitar. I guess it wasn't really an air guitar, it was an inflatable guitar, but it had air in it nonetheless. The kids enjoyed the music, dancing and playing a little inflatable guitar themselves.

The highlight for me was the "ball drop" at 8pm. There was a big countdown and then they released a bunch of inflatable balls. I didn't even think about what the ball drop might look like at the Children's Museum. There is a 4 story atrium where they dropped the balls from the 4th floor. It sure was a lot of fun hitting the balls around through the crowd after the big drop. The only downside was that Clay and I got separated from Bryan and Jaden because of a restroom break needed right before the ball drop. We found each other shortly afterward but I missed my additional kiss(es) at the stroke of 8pm.

Bryan wearing his 2009 hat and making the hat requested by Jaden.
Here are my hat creations. Clay asked for a star and a smiley face out of pipe cleaners which was a bit challenging.
Here is the 'J' 'a' 'd' 'e' 'n' hat that was requested.

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