Tuesday, June 3, 2008

we have a house!

This morning it was made official. We will soon be the owners of a two story house in Bloomington, MN. We searched long and hard through about 70 houses to find the one that we feel God wanted us to have. We had been praying for God's help in finding the right house and Bryan was praying that if this was the house for us that it wouldn't sell to anyone else while we kept looking. We first put an offer on this house about 7 weeks ago and re-offered last week. We think we got a good deal (much lower than the asking price) on the house and that was reconfirmed today when we went through the home inspection and found out the appliances and mechanicals (furnace and water heater) are all much newer than we thought and won't need replacing yet.

Bryan went back through his list of what we had been praying for in a house and this house seems to have everything on the list. We can't wait to see how God can use this house through us. We had wanted a house with lots of wallpaper so we could use up some of Bryan's spare time, ha ha.

Here are some links to look at pictures I took this morning without furniture in the house and the other link is to the MLS listing when there was furniture in the house.

MLS of house


Laurie said...

Yahoo! Congrats!!

Roxanne said...

Yippee! God did work it out for you to have a house before Honduras. PTL! Can't wait to come visit, someday. Love you and miss you.

Kirk said...

Congratulations, must be a nice feeling of relief :-)

Chrystine said...

Yay! We have been hanging out in your new neighborhood a little. For softball and then we found a park for a picnic the other day while we were shopping in Edina. Lots of fun.

If you want a side-by-side fridge, I know where you can get one for a very reasonable price. HA!

Tiffani said...

Congratulations on the new house! Hopefully Dan and I can come and visit it sometime. Hope all is well with you. Love and miss you all.


Teresa said...

Love the new house--didn't see it until just now when I was going back through your blogs :) I am trying to be a better friend and actually look at your pictures...just teasing! More to scrap!